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About us

What should I expect when I arrive?

When you enter the building a greeter will welcome you at the door.

If you need help finding our nursery or children’s services we will gladly assist you.

There will be a hot cup of tea or coffee as well as a light continental breakfast waiting for you to

take to your small group

If you are a guest we do not ask you to give when we receive our offering the first time you attend

We would like for you to fill out a Registration Card so that we can assist you in your visit to LWC

Please drop this card off in the offering and we will consider that your gift to us.

What is the worship style?

You’ll find our worship time to be an intentional blending of contemporary and classic worship. You’ll see people respond in a variety of ways from sitting in contemplation to standing and singing or even kneeling at the altar. Please feel free to connect with God in a way that is unique to you.

What should I wear?

Clothes are always a good idea, but seriously from business attire to jeans and shorts, you’ll see it all. We’re a diverse family, wear what you typically wear. All are welcome. 

What about my kids?

Kids are welcome to attend worship services but we do offer Nursery (ages 0 – 3) and Kings Kids (ages 4 – 11) during your Worship Experiences. The second weekend of each month is Family Worship which means that all of the children ages 4 – 11, remain in the service so they, and our volunteers, can worship God as a family.


Lighthouse Worship Center is currently transitioning to a new lead pastor

Church Board
Cindy Pyatt

Kings Kids Director 

for 4 - 11 yrs old 

Christy Pyatt

Worship Leader 


Stacy Pyatt & Pam Wagner 

Nursery Directors for 0-3 years old

Pam also serves as our Women's Ministries/Joy Fellowship Director

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